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Photo by Joji Hollands

Charles Ellenberger is a Professional Photographer, Publisher, and Adventure Travel Consultant, with over 30 years experience fulfilling creative projects around the world.  Charles' professional journey began as a student and apprentice of outstanding artistic talents such as Ansel Adams, Max Yavno, Eliot Elisofon and Los Angeles celebrity photographer Andrew Su, whom Charles credits as a major influence in his development as a professional artist. 


Charles' skill as a Visual Artist spans three decades and numerous disciplines including Large Format Photography, Fine Art Black & White Printing, Fine Art Book Publishing, and many of today's cutting-edge digital printing and photographic techniques.  His adventure travel expeditions have taken him to over 100 countries and his list of commercial clients includes popular movie, music, and sports personalities, as well as business leaders and heads of State. 


Charles was the Co-publisher and Creative Director of the Fine Art Imperial Folio "The One Reed Year " with renowned painter and presidential portrait artist Scott Gentling of Fort Worth, Texas.  Mr. Ellenberger is credited with being the driving force behind the multi-year project, and his effort and vision resulted in the fulfillment of Mr. Gentling's Magnum Opus, a rare artistic masterpiece, and one of the most elegant fine-art books ever published. 


Mr. Ellenberger's work can be found in the permanent collections of major museums, corporations, and members of the Forbes 500 own his photographs and books.


For over two decades Charles has donated his work and time to various non-profit organizations. His passion for Wildlife Conservation and Education led to the creation of El Geographic LLC which is dedicated to sharing his love of Nature and World History with adventurers for all ages.  El Geographic LLC specializes in developing custom photographic and cultural tours, and is proud to design and offer custom tours for individuals with special needs.    


Charles currently lives on the beautiful Garden Island of Kauai with his artist wife Elena, who is his soulmate and muse. 

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